Coaches and Players Code of conduct

SOCCER BELONGS TO THE PLAYERS - Coaches and parents must understand this and put the welfare of the players and game ahead of their personal desires.

Coaches, players and team supports must never place the value of winning above the safety and welfare of the players. Winning should be the result of the thorough preparation and team discipline.
The Laws of Soccer are written to insure continuous flow of action, while protecting the safety of the players. Coaches must be familiar with the Laws of Soccer and the rules of play. Coaches shall insure that players understand them and adhere to both their letter and spirit.

Advantage shall never be sought by deliberately violating the Laws of Soccer nor by engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior. Coaches shall not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior by members of their team toward opponents, officials or spectator - regardless of the situation.
Coaches and parents have an obligation to each good sportsmanship by both word and example.
Players should treat the players on other teams in a friendly and courteous manner and in the same way that they would like opposing players to treat them.
Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team and supporters at the field.
Coaches should be as inconspicuous as possible during the game. Corrective instructions should be given during practice. During a game, instructions should be limited to players on the side line.
Game decisions by officials may not be questioned. Public or private criticism of officials by coaches, players or spectator is not permitted. Coaches should maintain a controlled undemonstrative attitude toward officials.