Parent Code of Conduct

As an organization committed to giving players an opportunity to develop their love of the game, the Girls Southeast Soccer Association seeks to promote the highest standards of courtesy, sportsmanship and positive behavior among its families.

Team & Player Support 

  • Understand team schedules and obligations. Have your child at the field at the expected time. 

  • Ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for each game and training.

  • Inform your child’s coach in a timely manner when school, family or other obligations will prevent your child from attending practices or other team activities, or the need to arrive late or leave early. 

  • Discuss individual player concerns privately with your coach. Wait 24 hours after any scheduled event to approach a coach.

Sportsmanship & Personal Conduct

Expected to set a good example by modeling the highest standard of sportsmanship. 

  • Cheer in a positive manner. Avoid negative criticism toward your child or any other players.

  • Avoid giving instructions and attempting to coach from the parents’ sidelines. Parents’ instructions can be confusing and possibly contrary to the coach’s instruction. 

  • Show respect and courtesy to match officials. Do not verbally criticize the decisions of referees or assistant referees. 

  • Show respect and courtesy to coaches, players, opposing players, coaches and parents. 

  • Refrain from the use of profane or abusive language during any club event.

  • Allow the coach to coach, the referee to officiate, and the players to play the game. This sportsmanship and personal conduct provision applies to in person as well as electronic/social media interactions. 

Behavioral Expectations 

Parents are expected to adhere to the highest standards of conduct when attending scheduled events for the team.  Any of the following behaviors will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal of a parent from an event or the club: 

  • Possession or use of any illegal substance at any event. 

  • Engagement in an illegal activity at any event. 

  • Failure to meet any of the above listed responsibilities after notification of the same.

  • Cause or attempt to cause injury to or abuse any member of the club or their opponents. 

Top 5 things parents should do: 

1. Pay attention when watching your child play. 

2. Stay positive -- Cheer! Don't yell. 

3. Support each player on the team, not just your kid -- he/she can't do it alone! 

4. Set a good example and never yell at the referee. 

5. Volunteer! Being involved in your child's soccer organization is fun and you'll make many wonderful friends!!